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Sunday, October 08, 2006

The TRIX human-powered carving trike

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April 22, 2006 The first prize at the 10th
International Bicycle Design Competition in Tapei is a rip-snorter. A
brief look through our powered three-wheeler portfolio shows we love
trikes and the carving concept of steering in particular. The TRIX uses
rack and pinion steering to offer a carving-like experience to
human-powered trikes, removing the utilitarian feel of the flat turning
arc of a rigid frame and replacing it with pure fun without removing
the intrinsic cargo-carrying benefit of the three-wheeler. The steering
also means a tighter turning circle and significantly improved
manoeuvrability as it can slalom between obstacles and lean into curves
like a motorcycle. As it is ideally suited to negotiate narrow, or
congested streets, TRIX is ideal for city centre life and can be
adapted to transport goods or become a space-age rickshaw with a
single, front-seated passenger.


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