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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Martini Republic » You don’t have to be a total ignoramus to be a Neocon

But as Mark Steyn shows, it sure helps. While blathering with equally clueless Hugh Hewitt about the wonderful gulag resort the Bush adminstration operates at Gitmo, Steyn gushes idiotically:

These guys [the detainees held indefinately at Gitmo] have fantastic facilities, certainly better facilities than anyone in any previous war has ever enjoyed. And of course, it’s also the situation, a unique situation, in which this is the only war in which enemy combatants are released back to their home countries before the war is over. That’s never happened in any previous war.

These dumbshits need to invest in an encyclopedia, or learn what Google means:

In military law, a parole is the promise by a prisoner of war on being released from confinement that he will remain in a stipulated place, not attempt to escape, and not take up arms again in the current hostilities against the forces that captured him.

Parole of prisoners is one of the oldest practices of organized warfare:


see the rest:

Martini Republic » You don’t have to be a total ignoramus to be a Neocon


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