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Friday, October 06, 2006

Bush Talked Dirty to the Country. Investigate Bush - by Bill C. Davis

They're investigating Hastert and Foley and Reynolds and Fordham - they're investigating rumors. They get to say and print taboo exchanges as if they are bits of news and evidence. Anchor men and women have to work on their delivery of porno dialogue and then cut to commercial. Sex sells.

But the pornography of dead and maimed young men dying in an unnecessary and criminal war gets relegated to the scrawl beneath the tabloid festivities. These young men who are reduced to numbers - 21 in the first five days in October - are maybe four or five years older than congressional pages, some of whose biggest concern right now is deciding whether to talk to CNN or MSNBC.

In the 90's it was assumed bombs were dropped to divert from a sex scandal - now we have a sex scandal that is diverting from a savage, vicious war that is being revealed to be a calculated crime. As those revelations try to reach critical mass the national consciousness is chewing on sexualized instant messages between predator and prey and in some cases between two different types of opportunists.

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One has to wonder if any of these pages are signing up to fight in this war that the people they deliver messages to voted for. One wonders if any one in Congress urged any of the pages to sign up for a tour of duty in Baghdad. They voted for this war - they surrendered their exclusive right to declare war and gave it to the president who talked dirty to the country and to young soldiers - and now we have the instant message - war is the biggest obscenity. Using soldiers as mercenaries is molestation. Investigate Bush.

There's a statue in Lafayette Park in Washington DC called Military Instruction. It is the image of two nude men doting on a sword held by the younger of the two men. It's an unconsciously sexualized image clearly honoring the tradition of an older man teaching a younger man how to use a weapon. The instant message of that bronze work of art is - kill. The two bonded men with the weapon between them are heroic in their disposition to each other because there is an instrument of death that their eyes are fixed on. If they were looking into each other's eyes the statue would be pornographic. The weapon rescues it from being sick.

The Foley scandal is worth one day of news and lots of therapy - for everyone involved. The attention that needs to be paid is to the war. Why it happened? Who let it happen? Who lied to make it happen? The Foley scandal sadly creates fodder for comics - the war creates fodder out of our young citizens and the Iraqi people. Only Bush knows how to make jokes out of that. ("No WMD's there." as he looks under a drape.) Investigate Bush.

They're looking for guidance from Bush as to how to investigate this scandal. They look for a comment from him. "Dismayed." "Disgusted." Two American soldiers were dragged through an Iraqi street and set on fire in retaliation for the rape of a 14 year old Iraqi girl and the murder of her family by American soldiers from the same company. Bush put those soldiers there - the ones being killed - the ones killing and raping - they didn't need to be there. He's disgusted by the Foley scandal? As the instant messenger for this war, he's relinquished his right to be disgusted. Investigate Bush.

Bill C. Davis is a playwright.
Bush Talked Dirty to the Country. Investigate Bush


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