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Saturday, October 07, 2006

£80billion ($150B) per square metre |

Pinhead house

As house prices continue to soar, buying a property for £20,000 ($38k) might seem like a bargain.

But, although this home sounds cheap, it is actually Britain's most expensive property based on size – costing the equivalent of £80billion per square metre. That's because the four-room property is only as big as a full stop.

Made by artist Willard Wigan, who specialises in micro sculptures, it fits on the top of a dressmaker's pin and measures just 0.5mm across. Its price tag puts even Britain's most expensive properties in the shade.

Old Swan House on London's Chelsea Embankment, which has a £32million
price tag, seems a bargain by comparison, at £18,000 per square metre.

Mr Wigan, 49, from Birmingham, used the popular Huf Haus timber and glass design for the house.

He said: 'I spent 15 hours a day for seven weeks sculpting a minute piece of diamond. The beams are made out of floating fibres that you see in sunlight.

'To paint the house, I took the hair from a dead spider's legs and made a paintbrush. Then it was a case of being very patient and careful.'

The house will be displayed at the Grand Designs Live Show at the NEC in Birmingham tomorrow.

£80billion per square metre |


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