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Saturday, September 09, 2006

We got to move into the future maybe, And think about a new tomorrow

I'm 57 tears old, have been a political junky since watching the '56
Election coverage, considered supporting AuH20 briefly, but became a
Kennedy Dem. I was a peace protester all during Viet Nam, marched with
black friends here in SoCal in '66 against racist rental practices, and
believed in Gene McCarthy, who was the most conservative of all the
candidates in '72, because he was against the war.

been aware, at all time, of sleazy backroom deals by both major
parties, as well as similar misdeeds and idiocies by minor parties as
well, so I'm no niaf lost in the wilderness.

I'm aware of some of the bad sides of "The New Deal",
as well as its good sides. So I feel that while coming from a
definitely leftist opinion, I have a pretty clear understanding of all
political views, the true conservative, the Randian libertarian, and the extremists on all sides.

With that as a background, I'm scared shitless by the far right in this country, more so than at any time in my life, including when my lottery number (I was in the very first one) came back as 13. If Cheney, Abu Gonzales, Alito, et al have their way, we will end up a 3rd world land mass, with a plutocratic theocracy running all aspects of government, no middle class, and most of us working service jobs for below poverty wages. The "investor class" will do well, while those of us who actually do work, like me in the music industry, will be out on the streets.
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