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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Plastic Battery Breakthrough: 100x Today's Alkaline Cells

about time we had a battery breakthrough, and researchers at Brown
University say their plastic battery produces 100 times the power of
today's alkaline cells. The technology combines the power surging
capabilities of a capacitor with the storage characteristics of
conventional batteries. The result is a battery that can be charged
quickly but at the same time can deliver its energy over an extended
period. It's versatile, too. Inventors Tayhas Palmore and Hyun-Kon Song
explained how the composite material used to build the batteries is a
virtual shape shifter. Said Palmore:

"You start thinking
about this polymer and you start thinking that you can create batteries
everywhere out of it. You could wrap cell phones in it or electronic
devices. Conceivably, you could even make fabric out of this composite."
next problem to be solved is the batteries' decreased storage capacity
after they've been repeatedly recharged. No word on when the technology
might find its way to market.


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