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Monday, September 18, 2006

Peter Frampton - Fingerprints

I pretty much lost track of Frampton after the phenomenal success of his "Frampton Comes Alive" album. It was so overplayed on the radio that it became an embarrassment. I loved his work with Humble Pie (at age 16!). And I picked up his "Frampton" album in '75 and fell in love all over again. The unusual technique of placing his band mates in separate rooms of a castle in Wales made for a very warm and non-technical recording. The tunes on that disk later became smash hits on the live album the following year. But, again, overplayed, overhyped just ruined an album that was truly excellent. Trying to follow up on that success must have been painful. It was for me, so I kind of lost interest. Besides I hate spending my hard earned bucks on albums that everyone else has, too. I'd rather build my music collection around stuff that no one ever hears. It really has to be exceptional for me to buy a big radio hit album.

Here we are 30 yrs later, no screaming entourage of fans to please, just himself and dedicated listeners. Boy, does he ever! This album is sweet/hot like I like my mustard. heh heh. It's all instrumentals and all good. He delves into the blues, jazz, latin, funk and rock and delivers some smokey warm licks without having to play "guitar shredder". I'm only on my first listen and I'm sure to pick out some nuances and techniques on further play. But I have to say this one is a keeper. Now, please God, don't let the deejays play the hell out of this, and I promise to be a good boy. --pseudolus


1. Boot It Up- featuring Courtney Pine
2. Ida Y Vuelta (Out And Back)
3. Black Hole Sun- featuring Matt Cameron & Mike McCready (of Pearl Jam)
4. Float- featuring Gordon Kennedy
5. My Cup Of Tea- featuring Hank Marvin and Brian Bennett (of The Shadows)
6. Shewango Way
7. Blooze- featuring Warren Haynes (of The Allman Bros./Govt Mule)
8. Cornerstones- featuring Charlie Watts & Bill Wyman (of The Rolling Stones)
9. Grab A Chicken (Put It Back)
10. Double Nickels- featuring Paul Franklin
11. Smoky
12. Blowin' Smoke- featuring Matt Cameron & Mike McCready
13. Oh, When......
14. Souvenirs De Nos Pères- featuring John Jorgenson

from Amazon:
LEGENDARY ARTIST'S FIRST INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM FEATURES MEMBERS OF PEARL JAM, THE ROLLING STONES, AND THE SHADOWS, AS WELL AS WARREN HAYNES AND OTHERS. In a career full of accolades, Frampton is particularly proud of Fingerprints: "This has been the CD I've been waiting to make all my life. Every track has been a wonderful challenge, pushing me to raise my own bar again and again." With a stellar cast of players, Frampton traverses a diversity of material on Fingerprints, from American soul to Latin balladry and all-out rock tunes. To help bring his childhood musical dream to life, Frampton invited Rolling Stones Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman to play on "Cornerstones"; original Shadows members Hank Marvin and Brian Bennett to perform with him on "My Cup of Tea"; and Pearl Jam's Mike McCready and Matt Cameron join him for a cover of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" and the original "Blowin' Smoke." Fingerprints also reveals Frampton's penchant for American roots music, especially on "Blooze," featuring Warren Haynes on slide guitar, and "Double Nickels" featuring Nashville virtuoso Paul Franklin on pedal steel. Frampton trades licks with British saxophone legend Courtney Pine on the blues rocker "Boot It Up." He and guitarist/co-producer Gordon Kennedy play harmonizing electric guitars on "Float," another album highlight. Another guitar virtuoso, John Jorgenson, joins Frampton on the Django Reinhardt-style "Souvenirs De Nos Phres." Fingerprints follows Frampton's critically acclaimed 2003 release, Now, which prompted The Washington Post to proclaim, "Frampton comes alive again." In another review, the BBC described Frampton's playing as "faultless throughout." The Associated Press said, "When it comes to fiery, guitar-drenched rock, Frampton delivers." The consistency of Frampton's playing was also affirmed when he earned a "Best Rock Instrumental Performance" Grammy nomination for Live in Detroit (2000). In 2001, Universal released the 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of the 1976 landmark Frampton Comes Alive, to much acclaim. The album remains one of the most successful live albums of all time and continues to influence generations of young artists.


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