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Friday, September 29, 2006

MojoPac - Run a private & personal virtual desktop on ANY WinXP pc.

I'm going to take this for a spin and see how it works. --pseudolus
UPDATE: 9-29-06
OK this sucks as far as I'm concerned. You have to set up an account to download the software. Then you have to log in to a web server everytime you use this thing. Pffft! I have enough people with their fingers in my digital life to add another. If you don't mind adding another password to your repertoire and logging on and sending gawd knows what to another grasping company, then go for it. It does seem to do what it promises. I installed it on a 256MB thumb drive and ran it once. You will need a bigger drive if you want to actually add any useful programs and documents. They recommend 2GB. Frankly for now using PortableApps works for me without adding a sticky fingered web connection. There are other alternatives which I will check out and report on soon. --pseudolus
pick ANY Device
MojoPac can turn any portable storage device, including your iPod, or your USB flash or hard drives, into your Personal Computer - your MojoPac PC.

run ANY Application
You can install any Windows application on your MojoPac PC. You can use the same version of the applications you use daily at work (such as Microsoft Office) or at home (such as Photoshop, iTunes, IM and Games).

use ANY PC
With MojoPac, you can go to any Windows XP computer in the world, plug in your MojoPac device, and bring up your MojoPac PC. The experience is exactly as if you are logging into your Personal Computer, complete with your desktop, shortcuts, applications and preferences.

Privately and Securely
Your applications, browser history, and activities leave no trace on the computer you are connected to. What happens on MojoPac, stays on MojoPac.

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