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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Introducing the Celestron SkyScout

The SkyScout is a revolutionary, one of a kind, patented handheld device that instantly identifies and/or locates any celestial object visible to the naked eye, providing educational and entertaining information, both in text and audio.

A fun learning tool for all ages, the SkyScout Personal Planetarium puts the knowledge of an expert astronomer in the palm of your hand.

Using the SkyScout

Point the Celestron SkyScout at any bright star and it will instantly identify the object or choose an object from the celestial database of over 6,000 objects and the SkyScout will guide you to it.

The SkyScout includes great information and stories about the most popular celestial objects in scrolling text and narrated audio

SkyScout's unique features include

“Tonight’s Must-See List” - When the Celestron SkyScout is turned on, it will tell the user the 10 coolest things to look at in the sky that night, using internal GPS to automatically customize it to where that particular user is located

“Constellation Lessons” – If the user is looking at a star that’s part of a constellation, the Sky Scout will inform the user, show a picture of the constellation, and help the user locate the other stars in the constellation.

“Updatable Software and Data” – USB port included for periodic updates of the operating software, as well as the ability to download new data from celestial objects like the Space Shuttle or passing comets.

“SkyTour Content Cards” – SD card slot exists for additional content offerings, such as “Astronomy for Kids”.

How does it work

Sky Scout combines GPS technology, which gives the time, date and location of the user, software that calculates the position of the objects for that moment and 3 axis sensors measuring gravitational and magnetic fields to determine the true orientation of the SkyScout to the earth.


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