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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dvorak Uncensored » Vid of the Week Dept. Bad Karma? Or Just Dumb?

I say the video

The aftermath: today's surgeons are miracle workers indeed.
the full story:

the whole story by mullet himself:
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"Once we got kicked out because Pauls mom got mad, we decided we were gonna go somewhere but I forget where. Well anyways I think we were takin Valente home.
I guess on the way from Pauls to Paul V's we went the long way and I saw Andy.
I told Josh to turn because I wanted to slap Andy on the head. link below >>>


He turned and (from here on is all just what Ive heard because I went into shock and blacked it all out) I rolled down the window but it didnt go down all the way. So I opened the door and tryed hangin on to the door and slappin Andy, then 1 of 2 things happened, 1. Newer car doors have a spring in them where after u open it so far it opens automatically and I just wasnt expecting it so it flung me out. or 2. Josh swerved out of the way of Andy or else he would have hit him with the car and I was flung out unexpectingly. Then I flew out and hit my head on the headlight of my friend Ashleys dads parked car. My friends stopped and called the ambulance right away. They went back and saw me laying there all bloody and mangled. They werent sure if I was dead or alive. They saw that the head light of the car had been cracked from impact. Then Phil stayed back because he was in shock and worried while Josh, Pete, and Valente held me up so I wouldnt choke or anything. Paul was busy calling the ambulance.
After a few minutes I woke up (this I remember somewhat) and was talking to them and I said "what the fuck hapened" then I wiped my face and there was blood on my hands. I saw the look on my friends faces and they were horror struck.
When the ambulance and fire truck got there they had to cut my brand fuckin new Adio shirt off me, which I never say again, and my pants.
The fire truck had to use a fire hose to wash the blood off of the street because there was so much.
While this was happening, Pete and some medic were lookin around for my teeth.
They then took me back to St. Margarets Hospital.
My friends all called my mom and left a message sayin Matt was at St. Margarets and to meet them there.
Then at some time that is unknown by me, my friends showed my mom the tape of what happened.
While at the hospital they told me that everybone in my face was broken and that I was pretty much dead.
My mom told my Grandma this over the phone and my aunt Jan came up here to be at the hospital with me because me and my aunt are real close.
Since what the hospital told us was bullshit because they suck, they heli-lifted me to University of Chicago Hospitals for Children. Which by my opinion is the best fuckin hospital there is.
I remeber wakin up for a second while on the helicopter but then passin out again.
While at Chicago, they told me that I had a broken pallette, shattered nose, 2 missing teeth, mangled lip, gums were ripped out from the extraction of the teeth, a 6 inch internal crack on the back of my skull and 3 dime size bruises on my brain.
My friends all came to visit me there and there were also clowns. lol. they played my guitar that I had Paul Sac bring. It was awesome. I was so high.
I was in the hospital for some 10 days or more and then was released for a month's recovery. When I left, there was one of the whistles Phil took placed in my shoe, which made me laugh. I spent the recovery time down at my Grandmas where my aunt could take care of me.
I had to have many a surgeries, stitches, and my mouth wired shut for 2 weeks.
The liquid diet is what I was on. gettin my medicine threw this plastic tube thing and drinkin Boost Diet Drink for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
I once had KFC mashed potatoes with chicken broth on it and it was like heaven to me. lol"

posted by zone on 8/26/06
source here


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