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Friday, September 22, 2006

Blah3 - Life In The Shadow Of Empire...

BushWarOkay, so the Republican Minuet has drawn to a close. The three 'renegade' Republicans who were so against Torture In America's Name last week handed over the keys to the Cold Cell and the Waterboard to Bush. Much was made of the Great Compromise what was made.

And it's pretty obvious now that it was all bullshit.

The NYT says they caved. Greater legal minds than I say they caved. Even moderate ol' Kevin Drum says they caved.

Let me paraphrase the last American president who didn't have a hard-on for torture - it depends on what the meaning of 'caved' is.

As Gary pointed out here earlier tonight, the 'compromise' was all about wording, and the wording contained in the so-called compromise is every bit as vague as Bush was claiming General Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions was just a week ago today. But this new bunch of vague words doesn't bug Bush at all - because it means he can keep overseeing his precious torture mills, he can still grab any foreign (or even American!) citizen and fly them off to wherever they're keeping the waterboards these days, he can still thumb his nose at 60 years of international law and degrade the image of Americans as Good Guys.

Plus, he can 'interpret' the Geneva Conventions however the hell he damn well pleases - and he got a prohibition on American courts even mentioning Geneva in any trials that result from things that will continue to happen in his torture mills. link below >>>


How can these 'men of conscience,' these 'mavericks,' these proud Americans Who Understood Torture And Stood Up To The President, claim any sort of victory or satisfaction?

They can't. And that's why this all has the stench of a setup about it.

This so called compromise has suddenly and completely shifted the entire debate about torture (For fucking fuck's sake, who would have ever thought The Good Guys would even engage a debate over acceptable methods of torture???) back to the familiar ground of 'Republicans are tough on terror.' And as sure as the moon follows the sun, the words 'Democrats are weak' follow the preceeding phrase.

There's no fucking way that McCain, Warner and Graham would have let this so-called compromise take place if they believed for a second a single word they said in the past week.

The whole thing was a fucking setup. A scam. A game of fucking three-card monte. It was nothing more than an election-year stunt.

Somebody better stall this thing. Somebody better get the fuck on TV and ask Americans point-blank if they want to give up the image of Good Guys. Because that's what it's down to.

We're about to turn into the bastard chaild Saddam Hussein, Moammar Ghadafi and Papa Doc Duvalier if we let this happen. What once was a shining City On A Hill has been dragged into the gutter by Bush. With the help of 'principled' Republicans named McCain, Warner and Graham.

Here's hoping the blood never, ever washes off of their hands, and the smell of death invades their every breath. They deserve no better.

Blah3 - Life In The Shadow Of Empire...


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