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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blah3 - Life In The Shadow Of Empire...

Invictus @

PoliticsIn the lead-up to -- and wake of -- Path to 9/11, I've been seeing references to Clinton's alleged unwillingness to take out bin Laden when he had (at least three) chances to do so. One of the quotes that's being thrown around to "prove" Clinton's spinelessness is this one, taken from the 9/11 Commission report, about a potential strike on him in Kandahar in 1999 (page 140):
If this intelligence was not "actionable," working-level officials said at the time and today, it was hard for them to imagine how any intelligence on Bin Ladin in Afghanistan would meet the standard.
Wow. Pretty damning stuff. Too bad the Clinton critics end their rants there. If only they would read just one more paragraph of the voluminous report they'd see this:
At the time, CIA working-level officials were told by their managers that the strikes were not ordered because the military doubted the intelligence and worried about collateral damage.
Now, we all know (or at least we should by now) the value of listening to our military folks, right, because George keeps telling us?

May 25, 2006:

But I've also said that our commanders on the ground will make that decision.
May 22, 2006:
And, of course, I get briefings from our commanders on the ground. I want to assure you that the information -- I make my mind up based not upon politics or political opinion polls, but based upon what the commanders on the ground tell me is going on.
July 25, 2006:
One of the things that's important is for -- and one of the reasons why you trust the commanders on the ground is because there needs to be flexibility.
January 23, 2006:
Now, I want to emphasize something to you, you heard me say, "our commanders on the ground said," you see, sometimes in the political process people feel beholden to polls and focus groups. You don't have to worry about me. I'm going to be listening to the people that know what they're talking about, and that's the commanders on the ground in Iraq.
There are lots and lots of further examples, but you catch my drift.

So, to recap:

Clinton relies on military to assist with decision making = He's a spinieless, weak-kneed girly-man who wouldn't step on a cockroach if it crossed his path.
Bush relies on military to assist with decision making = He's the greatest warrior the world has ever known.

Any questions?



Blah3 - Life In The Shadow Of Empire...


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