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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Beerbelly - Stealth drinks vessel

Image of The BeerbellyThink of beer guts and you typically think of boozy blokes exposing
their builder's cleavage as they lean over to pick up another pork
scratching. But you won't once you see the amazing Beerbelly in action.
Because although this ingenious device looks just like a spare tyre
when worn under clothing, it's actually a hi-tech stealth beer

The Beerbelly
Made up of an insulated neoprene sling and a polyurethane bladder
connected to a drinking tube, the Beerbelly holds up to 2.3 Litres
(over four pints) of amber nectar and it will stay cold for hours with
the optional freezer pack. Brilliant, eh? Okay, so you'll look a bit
podgy when wearing it, but who gives a XXXX when you can
surreptitiously swig your favourite brew wherever you may roam.

The Beerbelly
Just think of the possibilities: no more queuing up and forking out on
overpriced drinks at festivals, gigs and games. Why, the savings you'll
make at just one event will pay for your Beerbelly and still leave you
with enough change to buy some nuts. Probably. You can even go jogging,
skiing and hiking wearing your Beerbelly (but perhaps it'd be best to
fill it with water, not beer).

The Beerbelly
This really is one of the greatest booze-related inventions we've ever
seen. Indeed, the only downside is that you'll resemble one of Gazza's
mates from the chest down - surely a small price to pay when you can
secretly glug beer whenever and wherever you fancy. And if anyone
questions your new gut you can use one of our pre-prepared responses:

  • 'I'm in a Bad Manners tribute band and we're on in five.'
  • 'This is a medical device. Wanna see where the tube leads?'
  • 'Stand backÔÇŽI'm with CTU and this is stealth body armour.'
  • 'My catheter runneth over.'
  • 'Fancy a beer?'

As you can imagine, the Beerbelly is going to fly off the shelves
faster than you can say 'I hope that's lager you're drinking' so we
suggest you hit Add to Cart before we call last orders on this utterly
brilliant boozing accessory. 'Urp!


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