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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Marine call-up greeted with anger, suspicion

This doesn't bode well, for the GOP or this country. Can a forced draft be far behind? If so, the Bushists will fall in the election following it's institution. --pseudolus
COLUMBIA, Mo. No mother wants to see her son shipped off to a war zone. But Tracy Della Vecchia (VEK'-ee-uh) thinks after three voluntary tours in Iraq, her Marine son has done his part.
The Missouri woman is none too pleased by word that the Marines are set to order thousands of troops back to active duty, thanks to a shortage of volunteers for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Della Vecchia says her son is stuck, with three years left on an eight-year military contract. She's also a bit suspicious -- wondering about the military's claims that it's meeting recruitment goals.

She's also concerned that maybe something's really brewing elsewhere in the world -- perhaps with North Korea. She says people "never know the whole story until it hits us front and center."

There's suspicion of another kind from the group Vote-Vets-dot-org, whose chairman calls this "the last thing that happens before the draft."

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Marine call-up greeted with anger, suspicion


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