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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

St. Paul police cite Sen. Norm Coleman's father for lewd and disorderly conduct | 07/26/2006 | St. Paul police cite Sen. Norm Coleman's father for lewd and disorderly conduct: "BY TIM NELSON AND MARA H. GOTTFRIED
Pioneer Press

Norm Coleman Sr., the father of Minnesota's junior senator, was cited for lewd and disorderly conduct Tuesday after police officers reported finding him engaged in a sex act in a car near a pizzeria on E. 7th St. in St. Paul.

A police report said officers were called to Savoy Inn about 6:30 p.m to investigate a report that two people were having sex in a car. The police report stated a woman, Patrizia Marie Schrag, 38, also was cited for lewd and disorderly conduct.

The elder Coleman, 81, raised his son in New York City. He has since moved to Minnesota, and public records indicate he lives in St. Paul.

Sen. Coleman issued a statement after learning of the citation against his father.

'I love my father dearly,' the senator said. 'I do not condone his actions or behavior, and I am deeply disturbed by what I have learned. He clearly has some issues that need to be dealt with, and I will encourage him to seek the necessary help.'"


Blogger Michael Breland said...

Just wanted to say I enjoy your site. Mostly for the critical view of political agendas. I don't live in New England (Tennessee is where my home is) but these issues really come to affect us all. Keep up the interesting postings!

7/26/2006 8:33 PM  
Blogger pseudolus said...

Well, thank you kindly, MB. I am sorry to be late acknowledging your comment, but I so rarely get copmments that I often fail to check for days at a time.

7/28/2006 7:55 PM  

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