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Monday, July 31, 2006

...Pirate Political Party Forms In Sweden, Worldwide Trend Seen

from "Dvorak Uncensored" & "Uncle Dave"

How The Piratebay Raid Changed Sweden TorrentFreak, torrents and more — This is the biggest story on the net, it will take a while for the major media to catch up to it. In short, all hell has broken loose in Sweden after the shutdown of the Pirate Bay, probably more due to the fact that the USA made some threats about it. Now it turns out that a new political party, the Pirate Party is growing so fast that it already almost as big as the Green Party in membership. This is quite interesting to say the least.

This may become an issue that will get kids to vote. Can you imagine?

Secondly, the Pirate Party had already existed for about half a year, but all this attention also gave wings in their sails, and they had thousands of new members in a matter of weeks. Suddenly, they had transformed into the largest party without parliament seats. In Sweden, you get seats in the parliament if you get four percent of the votes. As we speak, the Pirate Party has almost as many members as the Green Party, which is a party that supports the current government, and without them, the current government can’t maintain their majority This leads the Pirate Party to believe that if they get into the parliament they can fill such a vital role, and thereby make a big difference. Worth noting is that some unofficial gallups from various sources indicate that the Pirate Party is the most likely party for a Swedish first-time voter to choose on election day.

This success has also led to pirate parties forming in a number of other countries: France, Italy, USA, Belgium, Austria, and very recently also Germany, Spain and Russian. There is also one forming in the UK.

related link:
The Swedish Pirate Party Homepage


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