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Monday, July 31, 2006

Mental Discharge - Why We Will Never Have Flying Cars

Long ago, in the historic and ancient 20th century, many believed the early 21st century as a time where society would no longer traverse by combustible engine, but through the skies. With personal airborne vehicle technology, traffic jams, drunk America West pilots, and old farts in Grand Marquis would be a thing of the past. While the technology to make this wonderous and exciting future isn't too distant in itself, the real trouble is in the piloting of such vehicles. People have yet to responsibly handle the automobiles of today in a semi-intelligent manner, which requires only a pinch more brain power than applying Crayola's within a defined coloring area. As it stands, the cars of tomorrow will only fly in the clouds of our dreams.

The concept behind driving is incredibly easy. By keeping your vehicle between the solid or dotted lines, following the instructions on huge, colorful signs that appear in front of your face, and acknowledging when to stop by using brain synapses to recognize color and light patterns, you can successfully navigate a large steel object with four rubber-supported wheels from location to location. Take a look around you; nothing is more visually detailed and instructed throughout the world than driving.

However, this process seems to go beyond the comprehension of most people who are issued driver's licenses without any actual rigorous driving training. Most state motor vehicle departments require taking the car around a couple of traffic-unpopulated, scarce blocks of a neighborhood, stopping a few times, and bringing the instructor back so that he can get a refill on his 7-11 coffee and continue masturbating behind his desk while he stares through his office window at all the large-breasted blondes sweating in line. The waiting period inside the DMV is actually more difficult and nervewrecking.

There are nine primary driving problems that seem to plague the majority of drivers in the United States. Keep in mind, these are common issues in completely sober drivers who have been issued a license to operate vehicles on a daily basis. Should society be able to overcome these driving blunders, humanity may be one step closer to taking to the skies.

-------read it all...[warning! RUDENESS ensues]
Mental Discharge - Why We Will Never Have Flying Cars


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