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Friday, July 21, 2006

Liber Anglia Nova!: Epiphany


A lot of people in the Left side of the blogosphere are scratching their heads over Bill Clinton's decision to campaign for Joseph Lieberman. I wondered about it too, but after doing some mulling I have decided that it was really the only course of action Clinton had, and one that ultimately will help Conneticut Democrats, and possibly hurt Lieberman in the process.

Clinton had three choic[e]s:

1. Endorse Ned Lamont,
2. Stay Neutral,
3. Campaign for Lieberman.

If he chose the first course of action, he would be accused of being so 'bitter' over Joe's past scoldings that he chose Lieberman's rival. It woudl seema 'spite' endorsement. This could only hurt Lamont, and energize the Clinton haters on the right to support Lieberman.

the second course is almost as bad. Again, Clinton would be accused of failing to help a fellow Democrat out of 'spite'.

In fact, I suspect that Lieberman invited Clinton to help him simply in the hopes that he'd get turned down, and he could play it up to the right wingers how 'angry' and 'spiteful' his opposition is.

Much to Lieberman's dismay (I conjectur) Clinton accepted. This makes Clinton look magnaminous, and it makes Lieberman look so weak he has to turn to a man he used to publicly deride for help.

Clinton's help for Lieberman won't change anybody's mind on the left. We're commited to Lamont, but it won't change our feelings about Clinton one way or another. The real backlash is going to be against Lieberman. I am willing ot bet that there are many on the right who, though inclined to support Lieberman originally, have such a pathological hatred of Clinton that it will cause them to turn against Lieberman.

In this way Clinton manages to get revenge on Lieberman by actually supporting Lieberman.

Never underestimate the Clenis, you do so at your peril.

July 21, 2006 in Current Affairs
Liber Anglia Nova!: Epiphany


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