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Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Wacko Left is Happy US Soldiers Were Tortured?

by Steven D
Tue Jun 20th, 2006 at 05:53:38 PM EST

The answer to that question is a BIG FAT YES! according to right wing talk show demagogue, Rush Limbaugh. I won't refer you to Limbaugh's pay-per-view site for the transcript, but thankfully, Arthur Silber of Once Upon a Time has the scoop after he listened to Rush on the radio today (sparing the rest of us the agony):

Just a couple of minutes into the program, Limbaugh read an email from a listener, who wondered if "the left will say the soldiers deserved it," and who went on to say he was "so sick of the cut-and-run liberals." After reading the email, Limbaugh said he had gone to the "wacko lefty" sites to see what they were saying. Sure enough! "They're happy these two soldiers got tortured! Good riddance to them!" Limbaugh said the crazed left would use these deaths to say once again that this "war" was going nowhere, that we're losing, etc. (All paraphrases, but close to fully accurate; I was taking notes, since I knew what would be coming.)

Crooks and Liars has the audio of Limbaugh's rant if you want to hear it yourself.

Arthur notes he couldn't find any lefty sites that were happy the soldiers had been tortured. I'll do him one better. Come with me on a tour of the progressive blogs for what we have really been saying about this story.

First let's go to My Left Wing which I'm certain would qualify as a "wacko lefty" site in Limbaugh's book. What have the followers of all things Mary Scott O'Connor had to say about these poor soldiers who were tortured to death? Well,there is this recommended diary by texas kos titled Bodies of Kidnapped Soldiers Found - One was a Texan

He was only 23. He had his life in front of him. Now his family only has his memories.

I'm so angry right now.

I'm angry at the Al Qaeda terrorists that killed him, but I'm more angry that Kristian was even in Iraq.

I don't expect shit from terrorists, but I expect competence, security, and the goddamn TRUTH from my government!! [...]

My sympathies go out to the Menchaca & Tucker families. I don't know if we have the same political leaning, but we're all Americans & in this we all have the same goal: To bring justice to the killers of these two young men.

But that justice will not be complete if the people responsible for sending these men in harm's way are not held accountable also for their irresponsibility and blind zeal. [emphasis in original]
read the rest here...Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community


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