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Monday, June 05, 2006

Vietnam Revisited

In 1991, after US troops drove Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's forces out of Kuwait, the senior President Bush boasted, ``By God, we've kicked the Vietnam syndrome once and for all."

The syndrome is kicking Junior all the way back to My Lai.

As disgusting details blew the lid off the alleged cover-up of the Marine massacre of 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha, the junior President Bush was forced to say Wednesday, ``I am troubled by the initial news stories." But the same day, US soldiers fired into a car at a checkpoint, killing a pregnant Iraqi woman and her mother. They wounded another woman at another checkpoint.

In both cases, the military said the occupants of the cars failed to heed warnings that the road was closed. In the double fatality, the surviving driver and the pregnant woman's brother told the Los Angeles Times, ``I took this road because it's a shortcut and my sister was in labor. I was surprised by the exploding glass and blood coming from behind. When I turned back, my sister was shot in the head."

On Thursday, Bush again said the Haditha allegations ``are very troubling for me." He reassured us that we will get all the facts. ``One thing that happens in a transparent society like ours is that there is -- there will be a full and complete investigation," Bush said.

The same day the president promised transparency, evidence exploded of another possible coverup of a US military massacre of Iraqi civilians. The BBC aired video footage of the bodies of 11 civilians, including four women, one as old as 75, and five children, one as young as 6 months. They were killed in March.---------------
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Vietnam Revisited


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