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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Toshiba's RD-A1 HD DVD recorder with 1TB disk

Hey, early adopters, we've got something big for ya! Measuring in at
about half the size of your average consumer electronics she-waif
(that'd be 33-pounds), we bring you the RD-A1 HD DVD recorder set to
drop July 14 in Japan. Now, an HD DVD recorder alone is newsworthy
being a first and all, but this monster screams for attention with a
1TB disk, TV tuners for Hi-Vision (Japanese hi-def) and terrestrial
analog, and good ol' Ethernet for DLNA media streaming around the house. Oh, and for those of you unhappy with the, er, limited 1080i output of Tosh's HD-A1 player, this pup slaps in 1080p capable HDMI from ABT. And if you really need to record more high-def TV than the 92 hours (or 74 days
in standard def!) allowed by that massive disk, well, first check your
priorities TV-boy then kick back smugly 'cause the RD-A1 records to
both HD DVD-R single-layer (15GB) and dual-layer (30GB) discs with
support for DVD-RAM/R/RW/R-DL formats to boot. She also packs in all
the video and audio jacks you'll likely need in addition to support for
Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD codecs. No word on a US
release, but if the launch of the HD-A1
was any indicator, we could see this on US shelves just a few weeks
after it drops in Japan for ¥398,000 or right around $3,464 in dead
presidents. Oh, and if you thought the HD-A1's remote control was
cluttered, just check the new remote and more after the break.

[Via Impress]


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