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Monday, June 19, 2006

Telco Argument Implodes During DC Debate [on Net Neutrality]’s Paul Misener handily defeated Mike McCurry — co-Chair of the telecom front group “Hands off the Internet” — in a debate over Net Neutrality at George Washington University on Friday.

Watch the segment in question, posted at PoliticsTV. The video shows a slow-motion implosion of the telco argument against Net Neutrality. In the “Question and Answer” section, Misener points out that large bandwidth users such as Amazon already pay for their use of bandwidth.

But it is not content companies’ use of the pipes, but user choice that’s really at stake.

“It’s not true that Internet content companies don’t pay for access to the Internet.” Misener says. “We pay handsomely for access to the Internet Amazon pays millions of dollars a year to connect to the internet… There are a lot of ways that companies at the edge providing content are already paying the network operators.”

McCurry asks: “Paul, isn’t that exactly the kind of tiered pricing that everyone who proposes net neutrality rails against?”

“No” replies Misener:


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