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Friday, June 16, 2006

Surfing Safe

Hello, all! I found a nice site to help anyone shore up their defenses on their Windows pc. Very informative. A good page to bookmark and browse at your leisure or if you find yourself in trouble already. --pseudolus

Surfing Safe: "A warm welcome to all you surfers out there. Surfing safe is dedicated to stop the spreading of spyware, adware, viruses, trojans, worms, you name it, they all come together in one word: malware. Malware enters your system in many ways, via email, 'free' software, which isn't that free after all, filesharing, opening unsafe attachments, etcetera. Fortunately there are a lot of companies and stand-alone producers in the battle against this malware.

On the left side of the page you'll find information, reviews, tutorials, installation guides and known problems and solutions concerning antivirus software, divided in virus protection and virus scanners. And a firewall section, also including reviews, tutorials and known problems and solutions. Besides the software part, we also provide a dictionary to explain a few terms, such as spyware, virus, adware and even scripting and DDos. And, of course, we take a look at some popular browsers and instant messaging programs, their security and how you can raise their security level. To conclude, the Safe Surfing rules and To-do list provide some valuable information on preventing infections. When you did get infected, take a look at the 'Help I think I'm infected section'"


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