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Sunday, June 04, 2006

R.J. Eskow: 'The Evangelighouls — How the Christian Right exploits war's youngest victims'

Supposedly "Christian" religious leaders have supported the rise of
Republican extremism, and have been shrill cheerleaders for the
invasion of Iraq. Now they've exulting over the opportunities created
when children are ravaged by war. Like George Romero zombies, tthey
wander a blasted landscape searching for souls - and, more importantly,
for right-wing propaganda points.

It's not only ghoulish - it's a textbook example of how ruthless
preachers exploit the spiritual impulse for political purposes.
Christians have to ask themselves, what would Jesus really do?

Personally, I think He'd weep bitter tears at the plight of Iraq's children. The folks at Campus Crusade for Christ International,
on the other hand, don't share in the sorrow. They're as exultant as
vampires in a blood bank. These kids give them an opportunity to find
converts, raise money, and promote the Republican agenda.

Listen to their latest fundraising letter (from Vice President Steve Sellars), which begins "Dear friend in Christ":
read the rest......
R.J. Eskow: 'The Evangelighouls


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