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Monday, June 12, 2006

Porsche 911 (RUF Kompressor)

By Sajeev Mehta

you realize the Walther P22 in your hand is no match for your
opponent’s Colt Python .357 Magnum… that's a bad thing. By
the same token, one look at the sick power of a force-fed AMG cruise
missile or a glance at the latest big-cube ‘Vette can ruin the
fashion-conscious Porschephile’s entire day-- no matter what they
say about pedigree, finesse and handling. Yes, today's horsepower wars
hit zer dicht to Zuffenhausen's 300-ish horsepower heartland. Luckily,
Porsche lovers have a secret weapon: the RUF Auto Centre.

internationally-known Porsche tuning-haus offers an extensive selection
of 911 eye candy. Case in point: our tester’s front and rear
valances. The RUF-exclusive bodywork is deeper and more forward
thinking than stock, giving the 911 an altogether keener stance-- and
virtually guaranteeing some expensive scuff repair. RUF’s
five-spokes are mercifully, purposefully flat and, mission critically,
a half inch wider at both ends. Back in bling world, the RUF appearance
package adds a bi-plane spoiler sporting both painted and exposed
carbon-fiber wings. Like, awesome.


retina-scorching red runner may attract more attention than a stock
Carrera, or Adriana Lima, but metrosexual Teutonic purists rejoice: our
tester’s interior upgrades were limited to a new RUF-embossed
airbag cover and heat-soak friendly aluminum shift knob. Of course, the
RUF's meat and potatoes lie under that spoiler. It’s all about
the Bauhaus blower: die Kompressor uber alles.

consumers buy into the experience via RUF’s modish Dallas digs.
There, in search of Biblical power, donor engines are rent asunder; RUF
moves the legendary flat-six’s compression ratio into
boost-country via thicker head gaskets. Unlike other tuners, RUF
developed their Kompressor package from scratch, carefully mating
Porsche’s Germanic precision to the raw grunt of a boost-fed
American dragster. While only a fully trained and licensed 911 mechanic
understands the mechanical purity of RUF’s engineering,
there’s not a driver alive who won’t appreciate the 100
extra ponies crammed under the RUF.
read the rest......

Porsche 911(RUF Kompressor)


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