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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Physical Laws Are Constantly Changing

study the time variation of the constant, the aged light from distant
quasars (pictured) - extremely powerful and bright objects billions of
light years away - has been compared with modern laboratory data. When
the quasar's light passes through intervening gas clouds an absorption
spectrum is formed - a continuous spectrum with dark absorption lines.

Stockholm, Sweden (SPX) Jun 13, 2006

Physical quantities such as the speed of light, the gravitational
constant and the electron mass are believed to be the same independent
of where and when they appear in the universe.

Therefore, they are known as constants of nature. Should they deviate
from their actual values the universe would have looked different and
neither man nor other living organisms would have existed.

But imagine that the fundamental constants - and thereby also the
fundamental laws - are not at all constant but have gradually changed
over time. Implications that this is the case have been known for some
time and are now supported by new measurements - for instance from Lund
University, Sweden.

The constants are so fundamental that it is usually impossible to
detect any possible changes since the tools we use to measure these
changes are also changing. For instance, if the size of the atoms would
increase the atoms in the measuring device would also increase to the
same extent and everything would appear normal.

But there are dimensionless constants, i.e. they are independent of
units. On April 21 this year new findings were published in Physical
Review Letters implying that a dimensionless constant - the ratio
between the electron mass and the proton mass - has changed with time.
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