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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pentagon Sued For Blocking New Wind Power Plants

The Sierra Club filed a federal lawsuit in San Francisco on Wednesday
charging the US Department of Defense (DOD) with blocking the construction
of wind power plants. The environmental group accused the Pentagon of
essentially creating a nationwide moratorium on new wind farms by barring
their construction within the line of sight of military radar.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and the DOD failed to complete a
congressionally-mandated study to determine whether windmills actually
interfered with radar, the suit maintained. ___to read on
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"While the Defense Department drags its feet studying if wind farms are a
threat to national security, Americans are missing out on cleaner, cheaper
energy," said Sierra Club attorney Kristin Henry

"If the military can have windmills and effective radar at Guantanamo, why
can't we have both in the Midwest?"

The suit filed in US District Court sought to "compel agency action
unlawfully withheld or unreasonably delayed."

Sierra club attorneys contended it was ironic that it took a federal court
decision recently to force the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to factor
potentials for terrorism into environmental reviews of nuclear power plants.

"The same administration that didn't want to consider terrorism when
building nuclear plants is saying that windmills may be a threat to national
security," said Henry.

Aspiring windmill builders must get Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
clearance stating the installations would not be hazardous to air traffic.

The DOD restriction on windmills has caused the FAA to brand them
"presumptive hazards" until more is known about potential interference,
according to the Sierra Club.

"Paralyzing wind energy development could not have come at a worse time,"
said Sierra Club attorney David Bookbinder.

"The Department of Defense has provided no indication of when it intends to
complete the required study, even though the deadline has already passed."

Source: Agence France-Presse
San Francisco (AFP) Jun 28, 2006

...Pentagon Sued For Blocking New Wind Power Plants</span>


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