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Monday, June 19, 2006

Overlawyered: Watch what you tell your hairdresser

The official recruitment of cosmetologists as informants (and as
intermediaries steering customers to approved "domestic-violence" programs)
continues, with programs reported in Florida, Idaho, Oklahoma, Virginia,
Ohio and Maine, as well as Nevada and Connecticut (see Mar. 16 and Mar. 29,
2000). It's not just black eyes or lacerations that the salon employees are
supposed to be on the lookout for, either. A customer's protestation that
"he would not like that", as a reason to turn down a new hairstyle, might be
a sign of "controlling behavior" that needs watching. ("Salons join effort
to stop violence", Bangor Daily News, Jun. 15) (via van Bakel).
read_more...Overlawyered: Watch what you tell your hairdresser, cont'd


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