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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

NO QUARTER: No Rove Frogmarch? - By SusanUnPC, Author, No Quarter

Not so fast.

1. We haven't yet seen a copy of the letter from Fitzgerald to Rove attorney Robert Luskin (and we'll need someone like former prosecutor Christy Hardin Smith at Firedoglake to parse Fitz's language in that letter). "All we have right now is Bob Luskin's word that his client is off the hook, and Luskin, not to put too fine a point on it, is simply a liar for hire," writes Billmon;
2. We have had NO statement from the Justice Dept. ("That 'Official A' label stamped on Karl's balding pate by the Libby indictment was the prosecutorial equivalent of the kiss of death, and based on his track record, Fitz is about as likely to show clemency as your average Mafia hit man, and probably less so," says Billmon);
3. There's the possibility there's been a sealed indictment; and
4. Even if Rove is cooperating to nail Libby or Cheney -- Emptywheel thinks Cheney may be Fitz's ultimate target -- a cheapshot character assassin like Rove, who committed treason against Valerie Plame and her absolutely vital undercover operation (which tracked Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons-making hardware), has no right to keep his security clearance (more on that below).
"The language used by [his attorney Robert] Luskin strongly suggests that Rove got immunity in exchange for his cooperation (it is probably the same deal I have been suggesting was offered to Novak way back when. . . ) Otherwise he never would have testified in the Grand Jury to begin with," writes Otis via Christy at Firedoglake (a "recovering attorney" [video of YearlyKos CIA panel]).
“Does not anticipate seeking charges” means that if Rove testifies at Libby’s trial as expected, and as his agreement no doubt provides for him to testify, (lawyers call it providing “ongoing cooperation”), then all will be well for him. But if he “goes sideways” on Fitz ... he could be charged–w /perjury ... his deal to avoid criminal liability in the larger conspiracy could be “off” ...
[A] very standard deal and not unexpected. The more interesting issue and the reason for optimism now is that he couldn’t have gotten such a deal without having something important to offer Fitz. The “no prosecution” letter [indicates] he made a good deal. Either he offered up Cheney [or] Libby to guarantee a conviction so Fitz can roll up Libby to Cheney. Either way, for me, I see Cheney going down and that’s something I can live with!
Part of what is eating at me today since I heard the news stories is that this may free up Karl Rove to run his odious dirty-trick rackets on the November Congressional races. The big picture story is that we need to take all the seats we can in November, and a less preoccupied Rove is not a good thing.
Below, I've added more speculation and some froggy blog opinions -- both the slimy and the sublime. (At the end, I've added the statement of Christopher Wolf, Joe Wilson's attorney, today.)
More on the Rove news:


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