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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Media's Bloody Footprints - By Mike Whitney

“It was premeditated slaughter in every sense of the word. The Marines came in and they killed everyone inside.” Khalid Ahmed Rsayef; Haditha eyewitness
Western media is the bullhorn for the political establishment. Its message is crafted to reflect the objectives of elites and defend the interests of ownership. The recent coverage of the massacre in Haditha hasn’t changed the media’s essential purpose at all. It’s still a fully-vested partner in the corporate-state power structure.
The reporting on Haditha has been surprisingly thorough. The major American newspapers have run several articles covering the incident in great detail. The mainstream media still attracts some of the brightest, most talented writers in the country. What a pity their talent is wasted promoting an immoral and tragic war which has led us to the brink of disaster.
We don’t know why the media giants have veered from their traditional cheerleading and focused on the atrocities at Haditha. There have been scores of similar incidents reported on the internet over the past 3 years. What makes Haditha so special? .
It’s doubtful that the media executives are suddenly bothered by “pangs of remorse” about the suffering they have helped to create. More likely, the unexpected attention to Haditha indicates the growing divisions among American elites about Bush’s alarming mismanagement of the war. If the occupation had gone smoothly, there’d be no recriminations or talk of massacres. Americans like a winner, and are prepared to overlook the criminal indiscretions of their leaders if they’re victorious.


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