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Monday, June 05, 2006

A Martian's Eclectic Observations of Earthlings

I, Naitram, formerly of the Planet Mars, am pleased to offer you Earthlings who call yourselves Americans a few eclectic observations on your lives and prospects on Planet Earth.

Notwithstanding the preoccupations of your science-fiction writers, I have not considered your reproductive habits, your beliefs in supernatural beings and/or science, or your heroes and villains, but only examined your behaviors by asking three questions: How do you spend your money? How do you spend the energy and resources of your planet? How do you spend the time of your lives?

My first observation is that you spend a very large part of your money to destroy and hurt one another. To wit: a war now expected to cost $1 trillion; a rumored $44 billion a year to maintain 16 military and civilian intelligence agencies for scrying out terrorists to be detained, tortured or killed; $1 billion for a fence with armed soldiers to keep poor brown people from crossing your southern border; a half-billion for a luxurious embassy in a small nation you wrecked for no apparent benefit. You have also spent more than $5 trillion over 50 years for nuclear weapons that are only "good "(in your quaint idiom) for massive destruction and killing – and that figure does not include environmental damage or lives lost or blighted.

You have spent untold trillions of dollars extracting fossil hydrocarbons, fresh water, and ores from your planet to build machinery, vehicles and infrastructure for the profit and convenience of a few at the expense of many, while degrading a vital system for regulating global temperature, perhaps irreversibly.

You Americans use more power for audio and video equipment that is plugged in but turned off than for the same equipment when it’s actually in use. These "energy vampires" consume 5% of all the electric power generated in your nation – and most of your electricity still comes from coal-fired generators that cost heavily in human lives, greenhouse gases, mercury pollution and mountain-tops.---------------
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A Martian's Eclectic Observations of Earthlings


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