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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Le Blog Bérubé - Embrace your inner liberal!

Some good take-downs on libertarians in this post from the professor. --pseudolus
Ann Althouse, middle-aged conservative law prof by day, teenaged rock and roller by night, blogging in between to try to reconcile those two sides of herself, and somehow always managing to discover that to be a conservative is to be a teenaged rock and roller, says that all great artists, from rock and rollers to painters, are conservatives.
"To be a great artist is inherently right wing. A great artist like Dylan or Picasso may have some superficial, naive, lefty things to say, but underneath, where it counts, there is a strong individual, taking responsibility for his place in the world and focusing on that." [-- Anne A.]
(Scroll down when you go to her post; she makes that assertion in her comment section.)
Someone must have given Althouse a copy of The Fountainhead at a too impressionable age.
Great artists in her mind, apparently, are all Howard Roarks, tall, manly, strong-willed, independent, healthy-minded, violent, anti-social proto-fascists, not a Mozart, a Van Gogh, a Henry James, a George Eliot, or a Miles Davis among them, nor a reality-based version of Picasso or Bob Dylan neither.
And apparently she has extrapolated from this Randian fantasy the notion that the American Right is made up of an army of Howard Roarks and isn't the club of Babbitts and Elmer Gantrys it appears to be to the rest of us.
Nevermind that an army of Roarks is an oxymoron, that in fact the world would be better off if all Right Wingers were Howard Roarks because they would not have anything to do with one another on principle and there'd be no organized political movement mucking up the governing of the country right now.
Althouse isn't really thinking like a conservative, or a Randian, here.  She's thinking like a third-rate literary critic.  She has decided that great artists like Dylan and Picasso don't know their own minds, that she knows them better than they know themselves, and it turns out they happen to think just like Ann Althouse.


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