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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hit and Run

Hit and Run: "Like it or not, Larry the Cable Guy's comedy may become as symbolic of this decade and the Bush era as Jerry Seinfeld was of the 90s and the Clinton era. You can try to drive through a Bush-voting county without seeing a car bearing a Git-R-Done sticker. You may succeed where I failed.

It's an open secret that Larry's good-ol'-boy schtick is phony. He was born in Nebraska but grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida (Kerry by 21 points). But it's still possible to pick up the heartland patois when you live in urban Florida, right?

Well, here's a video of Larry (ne Daniel Lawrence Whitney) in his first iteration, as a wrist-slashingly bad generic 90s cutup. Watch and writhe - or marvel at a man's ability to reinvent himself and win the heart of a nation."


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