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Friday, June 23, 2006

Help End the Oilygarchy! -

 Folks, Interesting site here. I heard Thom hartmann interview this guy and it was quite eye opening.  You can download the interview in mp3 format (<20min. runtime) here:

Like I said very informative 20 minutes. --pseudolus

Click here to read the language of the E-85 Fuel Utilization and Infrastructure Development Incentives Act of 2005 and click here to find out how to email your Congressperson so that you can tell them to support this bill.


Join the Alcohol Fuel Movement

Ethanol, aka alcohol, moonshine, booze, hootch, and more, is a clean-burning fuel produced domestically by farmers, earning them much more for their current crops than most were making before.

Welcome to the Alcohol Can Be A Gas! website, your first step in breaking your oil dependence and moving towards sustainable, locally produced energy.

Did you know the original auto fuel that all cars ran on was straight alcohol or moonshine? Read more about it in our Frequently Asked Questions!

Permaculture provides information about using alcohol as a fuel, how to get involved in the grassroots movement to empower communities to take over their own fuel supply through buying coops and/or producing their own fuel, and excerpts from Dave Blume's book, Alcohol Can Be a Gas!

Click here to learn more about Alcoholic Unanimous and supporting our alcohol fuel work.
Get educated —check out our articles about ETHANOL AND OIL


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