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Monday, June 26, 2006

Futurama: DTV Movies Dead -- Series Resurrected!! - Cinematical

Futurama: DTV Movies Dead -- Series Resurrected!! - Cinematical

Posted Jun 25th 2006 3:02PM by Scott Weinberg
Filed under: Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
OK, this is most definitely TVSquad's territory, but there are three reasons I'm posting it here too:

1. You will not find a bigger Futurama geek than yours truly. Seriously.
2. I'm so excited I feel like kicking back with a can of Slurm.
3. The news deals with movies in a very cursory fashion.

Short version: Comedy Central, a network I now love so much that I've promised to name my first son Comedy Central Weinberg, has signed a deal to produce 13 brand-new episodes of the beloved sci-fi series, and they'll be bringing back the entire creative team and voice cast. How awesome is that??!? The new episodes won't be ready until 2008, but I don't care. Just the fact that we have some new episodes on the horizon is enough to make me cancel my trip to the nearest suicide booth.

So what's this tenuous movie connection I mentioned? Well, not too long ago, Futurama voice actor Billy West mentioned that Fox would be producing a series of direct-to-video Futurama movies. Apaprently that plan is no more, seeing that the gang will spend the next year banging out just over a dozen new episodes! Yes! In your face, Fox! You cancelled yet another show that turned out to be mega-profitable for someone else. Good job, meatbags!

For a much better breakdown on the very exciting Futurama news, check out TVSquad, which is where all good TV news ends up eventually. Heck, even Bender himself stopped by The Squad to celebrate the good news!"


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