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Monday, June 12, 2006

Framing Versus Spin

by George Lakoff and Sam Ferguson

Two weeks ago, Rockridge published The Framing of Immigration by George Lakoff and Sam Ferguson, an analysis of the framing surrounding immigration used by progressives and conservatives, as well as a discussion of framings not being used, but which would reveal important truths. Late last week, the DailyKos leaked a memo by Frank Luntz, the Republican messaging strategist, advising Republicans how to talk about immigration. If you want to compare what Rockridge does with what Luntz does, this is your chance.

The Rockridge Institute is a non-partisan progressive think tank that goes behind the language (the surface words and slogans) to reveal the deep frames — the moral values, political principles, and fundamental ideas, both progressive and conservative — that are implicit in political discourse.

Our goals are simple:

  • First, to educate the public about how issues are being framed and what hidden agendas lie behind the
  • Second, to point out how truth and fundamental American values can better be served by alternative framings, both deep and surface.
  • Third, to help progressives better express what they really believe.
  • And fourth, to caution progressives against accepting political frames that either hide the truth or undermine our moral values.

read the rest......Framing vs Spin


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