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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 LPE

3 June 2006

By Sajeev Mehta


Horsepower Disorder is a terrible thing. A sufferer can own a 505hp
Corvette Z06 and still feel a nagging urge for more. Luckily, there are
plenty of tuners ready to relieve ‘Vette owners of their money--
I mean symptoms. Despite their noble intentions, few garages can be
trusted to monkey around with the complex workings of the Z06's
heavily-breathed-upon small-block V8. Lingenfelter Performance
Engineering (LPE) is one. For over two decades, the Indiana-based
Corvette concern has been transforming America's Sports Car into
American psychos. Their new engine package is gloriously, predictably,
wonderfully nuts.

Our Z06 LPE test car was prepared by Twenty
First Century Muscle Cars of Dallas, Texas. It's a monotone monster:
black paint, black wheels, presidential window-tint and blacked-out
hoops. In case you missed the point (Lord Vader), the new tires add an
extra 20mm of rubber up front and back, intensifying the Z06' already
aggressive stance. And that’s it-- aside from fender-mounted
Lingenfelter badges. Even pistonheads unfamiliar with the Lingenfelter
name instinctively appreciate the transformation: from middle-aged
crisis-mobile to the automotive equivalent of a Halliburton Zero packed
with unmarked bills.


tester's thrones are the only interior indication that the LPE
isn’t stock. Their blend of rocket ship sheik, race car purpose
and aromatic sybaritism are a welcome change from the Z06s’ cheap
chairs. The OEM-style embroidery and five-point racing harnesses almost
make the ‘Vette’s pedestrian interior as wicked bad as the
exterior. But not quite. The LPE’s chairs straddle an
unconvincing hunk of fake aluminum on the console; the purity of form
is far from the magic number of Porsche’s 911. Anyway, obviously,
touchy-feely tomfoolery is not LPE’s main concern…


read the rest......
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 LPE


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