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Friday, June 23, 2006

Blah3 - All Your Lives Are Belong to Bush!

Blah3 - All Your Lives Are Belong to Bush!: "Friday, June 23 2006 @ 04:41 PM EDT
Contributed by: Invictus
"Bush ScandalsIs there any aspect of our lives that is no longer Bush-accessible?


They can find out what books you took out of the library (Patriot Act).
They can find out about just about anything you bought via credit card (Thanks, First Data Corp., et. al.).
They can learn who's called you, and who you called (Thanks, Bells).
They can learn where you've been on the web and read your emails (Thanks, ISPs).
They can learn to whom you may have transferred funds, or who may have transferred funds to you (Thanks, SWIFT).

At this point, what is left? Anything? Seriously. To my knowledge, Qwest is the only company that stood up to the government, and that's probably only 'cause Nacchio's got a reputation as a hard-ass who gives everyone a bad time.

Anyone think they haven't been looking at real estate transactions? Vehicle purchases and/or leases? Travel-related transactions, like airline tickets and/or car rentals?

Really. I'd like to know...what dominos have yet to fall?

When is it fascism? Or is it already?"


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