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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Aston Martin DB9

By Jay Shoemaker

10.jpgWalking up to the Aston Martin DB9, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to drive it or sleep with it.   If
running your hand over the DB’s sculptured haunches and taut
lines doesn’t give you a warm feeling in your nether regions, you
should surrender your pistonhead privileges at the door.  Very
few inanimate objects attain this level of beauty; those that do either
rock your world or break your heart, or, as in this case, both.    

Eventually, I stopped stalking the DB9 and went to open the
door. This requires a patient, concerted effort; the doors are operated
via a cantilevered handle imbedded in the sheet metal.
 You push in to make the door handle to pop out.  The portals are perfectly balanced. Their swan-like upward arcing motion stops anywhere you choose in its cycle.  Aston hasn’t offered this level of engineering precision or attention to detail since, um, ever. 

50.jpgEnter the cabin and the aroma of fine leather and natural wood overwhelms your brain’s olfactory center.  Again, running your hand over everything is a subconscious response.  Although
there’s lots of room forward and back, the seats only offer a
narrow slot between the high bolsters for your bottom, so anything from
short and skinny to tall and skinny works just fine.  The leather is hand-fitted and feels very plush, thick and warming.  In
fact, the longer your sits in them at anything above room temperature,
the more you wish for perforations and active ventilation. 


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