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Friday, June 16, 2006

Around The Rings

Iraq Olympics Chief: "We Need Help"
Iraqi NOC President Ahmed Al Sammarai. (ATR)
(ATR) The president of the National Olympic Committee of Iraq tells Around the Rings his Executive Board will meet Thursday to consider what to do about the spread of violence to attacks on the nation's Olympics hopefuls.

"We need help from the government," says a frazzled-sounding Ahmed Al Sammarai by telephone from Baghdad.

"We have already written to them saying we need financial support. We need security guards if they are training in Iraq. We will have to see in terms of training camps and facilities if other, friendly nations will accept some of our athletes to train," he says.

Last week, two tennis players and their coach were gunned down, perhaps for failing to obey a neighborhood edict against wearing shorts.

Two weeks ago, 15 members of an Iraqi taekwondo team and two drivers were kidnapped west of Baghdad on their way to training in Jordan. One of the athletes was a bronze medalist from the Asian Games.
read the rest here...Around The Rings


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