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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Anti-rant oasis: The simple truth about HHO and the water-burning engine myth

This fellow  "gravity-stricken" writes a rough but pretty thorough post on the topic of debunking the 'water fueled' car that is currently making the rounds. Every generation we have a new batch of folks who fall for 'magnetic cures', 'free-energy' machines, etc., etc. It will keep us skeptics perpetually engaged in debunking these claims. Hey! If we could harness that energy, maybe we could have perpetual motion machines! </snark> --pseudolus
I wrote this in an email to my ex-wife in response to an email she forwarded from her father. My ex-father-in-law is supposed to be a genius - Mensa member and all that. In reality, he may once have been a genius, but now he's a nut. Anyhow, he sent a video clip from Fox News that's been making the internet rounds about a guy who supposedly invented a way to use water as fuel. In this case, he's using it to power a torch, but the story says that the military and an unnamed major car maker are looking into his idea. By the end of the clip, I was laughing to tears about how clueless and gullible the media Ken-and-Barbie types are.
For background, I have a degree in Chemical Engineering. Although, to be honest, I haven't used it since I got it. I do work in manufacturing, but not as a ChemE. However, for this little explanation, only common sense and a basic understanding of thermodynamics is needed. I tried to keep this simple for my ex-wife's sake. Anyhow, here's my first blog:


Blogger nseidm1 said...

There are at least three other companies working with the same technology as Denny Klein. HHO is also a subspecies of Brown's Gas.

6/05/2006 6:59 PM  
Blogger pseudolus said...

Umm, hate to repeat it, but it's all BULLSHIT! Water is already at the bottom of a deep energy well. To break water into its constituent parts then put it back together again takes more energy in the first step than you can get out of it in the second!!! Any 'demonstration' is purest Flim-Flam and a conjob to get money out of sucker investors who will never see a dime (unless it is also a front for a pyramid scheme.) Wake the fuck up!

6/05/2006 7:55 PM  

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