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Sunday, May 14, 2006

You & Me ---- Updated with video: 5-14-06

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This album is scarey good. The same kind of impact that Satriani's "Flying in a Blue Dream
' had on me in 1989. Just some scarey good blues and some of the tastiest and rock licks blended together as only Joey can. His last effort had me by the 'nads', and this one just smokes that one.

Granted I was tasting some herb for the first time in a few months, and I was working out with my Zen Master L/S Machine. Cranking a groovy 14 hertz I just rode this album into oblivion...Crying blues ballads and some spacey jazz/rock tunes that just put me away.

Oh, and for all those poor folks who don't like David Gilmour's new album and whine that it is too mellow...turn that mother up!! Put it on a nice powerful Hi-Fi and TURN IT UP! That album doesn't distort even when really driving a system hard and the album benefits from it. The non-obvious energy just thrums off of that cd and will have you spacing out in quick time. Granted, listening to it at low volume it will just put you to sleep, there is nothing that will reach out and grab you, but "turned up to 11" makes it work.
Amazon Editorial Reviews:
You And Me (featuring Jason Bonham on drums) marks the debut collaboration of Bonamassa and producer Kevin Shirley and is a powerful fusion of big rock and swampy blues, You And Me gets much of its inspiration from such masters as Peter Green, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and John Lee Hooker. Bonamassa delivers all the excitement and power of his electrifying live performances while mixing it up with dynamic music choices; from hard to soft, electric to acoustic, a music roller coaster seldom achieved by recording artists today. Provogue.

01 High Water Everywhere
02 Bridge To Better Days
03 Asking Around For You
04 So Many Roads
05 I Don't Believe
06 Tamp Em Up Solid
07 Django
08 Tea For One
09 Palm Trees Helicopters And Gasoline
10 Your Funeral And My Trial
11 Torn Down
updated: video- Bridge to Better Days


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