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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Whiskey Bar: All That Glitters

e been watching the price of gold shoot the moon these past few weeks with a growing sense of nostalgia. It brings back sharp memories of 1979-80 -- bad years for the economy but emotionally rich ones for me. Youth is not always wasted on the young.
Events in general seem to be conspiring to give us all a late 70's flashback: We've got high and rising oil prices, a crisis with Iran, James Earl Bush in the White House and more than enough malaise to go around. It almost makes me feel like putting on a polyester leisure suit and hanging a coke spoon around my neck. If they just bring back Billy Beer we'll be all set.
The missing guest at the disco party, at this point, is the Consumer Price Index -- although I wouldn't try telling that to the average middle-class American motorist. Still, despite the sticker shock at the pump, so-called "core" inflation -- that is, excluding energy and food prices -- has remained amazingly low, considering that the commodity markets are acting as if U.S. dollars are about to turn into 1923 German reichmarks.


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