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Thursday, May 04, 2006

We Must Honor Earth's Limits

If you check out an atlas of California, you?ll notice that Owens Lake is filled in with white, not blue. That?s because Los Angeles sucked it dry decades ago. Las Vegas is considering similar plunder of groundwater elsewhere in Nevada. And there are many other cities -- Denver, Phoenix, Houston, Tampa, to name a few -- that have chosen to push nature?s limits.
Closer to my Nebraska home, I watch the continuing plunder of the Great Plains? Ogallala Aquifer, the largest underground reservoir in the United States and one of the largest on the planet. It once held as much water as Lake Huron. It is a treasure that took millennia to accumulate. Remarkably, it could cease to be a water source within another generation.
And for what? To provide water to irrigators who grow surplus, subsidized corn -- the thirstiest of grain crops. Much of this overproduction is in semiarid Nebraska west of the 98th meridian.


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