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Saturday, May 20, 2006» OK You Right Wing Lemmings.Define "Liberal"

When I was at the Republican National Convention protest in NYC (I am a registered Independent, for those of you who are interested), I ran into a group of counter protesters. I approached their heavily guarded pen and as I stood next to one of the largest NY Police officers I have ever seen, and I asked the people behind the line one question. I asked them if they knew how many convicted felons had been appointed to high positions within our government by the man (George W. Bush) they support so strongly.
The group of Sean Hannity lemmings looked at me like I was crazy, so I said it again with a very powerful authoritative voice. The expression on the face of the huge cop next to me changed from concern to curiosity. He, like the crowd that formed behind me, wanted to hear the answer to my question. So I asked the crowd one more time “how many convicted felons and confessed criminals who already violated the public trust at the highest level of government have been appointed to high positions in our government, circumventing the process of Congressional approval by YOUR president?” (I was referring to the Iran Contra gang who were welcomed back into our government by George W. Bush).
I went on to explain to the bewildered crowd in my rather powerful voice, that “you people” don’t even know what or who you are supporting!


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