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Friday, May 05, 2006

The Truth About Cars - Porsche Boxster

Last year, TTAC named the Boxster S Car of the Year. I found the award ludicrous. A decade old, under-endowed Porsche-lite trumping the best and the brightest from the US, Italy, Britain, Japan and the rest of Deutschland? It?s like arguing that the ?S? in ?SUV? stands for ?sport.? With the possible exception of my misplaced belief in the longevity of love with a certain young, deceitful woman, I have never been more wrong about anything in my life. Last week a ?regular? Boxster painted in ?take my license, please? red showed up at my house. I have lost my ability to not smile.
Clocking the new Boxster is like checking out the teenage daughter of your old high school crush. Everything that attracted you to the roadster is still there, only fresher, perkier and more? streamlined. From most angles, the Boxster resembles Ye Olde 996 Turbo, chopped and dropped. From the rear though, and especially with the beefier haunches, the Boxster still appears as if someone is bent over and spreading ?em. If you think this is a coincidence, you haven?t watched enough German porn.
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