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Monday, May 29, 2006

Ted Nugent: Off his rocker?

IOKIYAR - Freepers and Lizards declaim the likes of Alec Baldwin, Natalie Maines, Barbara Streisand 'nuts' for their determination to speak out on political issues. "Whaa whaa! They got no right to speak up, they are just entertainers who should go hide away." Well, if you can pull shit like like The Motor City Madman that puts any activity by the aforementioned 'moonbats' into the same light as angels, "it's ok if you are republican." More hypocrisy from our red-state madmen. --pseudolus


He owns 350 guns, wants to nuke Iraq and makes his friend George W look like a liberal. Now 1970s heavy metal star Ted Nugent has his sights set on a new target: entering US politics
During the private inaugural party at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, in 2000, President George W Bush glanced across the room and recognised a man who - by his own account - has urinated on a nun, soiled his trousers for a week in order to avoid the draft, and been detained on a charge of indecent exposure, after experiencing difficulties with his loincloth in Little Rock, Arkansas. The President confronted him as a matter of urgency.
"When he noticed me," Ted Nugent recalls, "he was surrounded by these huge bankrollers from his campaign. He literally swept past all of them and said: 'Laura! Look who's here! It's Ted!' Then he hugged me and took me by the shoulders. He said: 'Just keep doing what you're doing. Don't think that we don't know what you're up to out here. Stay on course. You're doing great.'"

Ok, here's Darryl's great riff on the interview over at the General's...


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