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Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Shape of Days: Resigned

OK. Another conservative re-thinks his position. Good read. --pseudolus
'You may write anything you want,' she said in an e-mail late last night, 'and I will never disapprove.' She's one of my oldest, dearest Internet friends ' pardon the absurdity ' and putting the lie to her words gives me no pleasure. But I have to do it.
Let there be no doubt, readers both casual and dedicated. This post will end friendships. This post will end my experiment with blogging as we know it. Because the blogosphere is a small town. A small town packed wall-to-wall with rickety wooden bridges. And I'm about to start flinging firebrands.
Because what I have to say is this: We have gone too far. We have to stop.
I believed, you know' I was sincere. I was sincere and I was shell-shocked. September 11 changed everything for me. I'd seen war up close ' or rather I thought I had ' and it changed everything.


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