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Friday, May 12, 2006

Matthews on Rove Indictment: ‘It Could Be Today’

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews appeared was on Don Imus’ show this morning and said that Karl Rove could be indicted today.


MATTHEWS: If, however, something happens with Karl Rove, we’re going to go to general quarters around here.

IMUS: What does that mean?

MATTHEWS: Meaning we will be taping probably on Saturday or late night because everything will change. Last time, when he picked up Scooter, when he nailed him 30 years of charges, that happened on 1:00 on a Friday. So we don’t know when it might happen, if it’s going happen.

IMUS: Are we expecting something with Karl Rove today?

MATTHEWS: Well, it could be today. It could be next week. Everybody is buzzing about when or if. It’s a big if, big when. There is a lot of talk because he is still being interviewing by the special prosecutor. He keeps being hauled before the grand jury. So something is going on here with the special prosecutor. We don’t know whether he is going to clear him or nail him.

Last night, Matthews reported that the grand jury is meeting today. Raw Story reports that networks are staking out the courthouse.


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