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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The "I Want Mine" Vote

I was delighted by the Republican plan to send voters $100 as compensation for high gas prices. Sign me up! Where do I register for my check?
The proposal has had a "rough reception," according to the New York Times today, as "members of the public have been telephoning and writing to ridicule the idea." Conservatives hate it because they consider it socialism. Liberals point out that, with Exxon making all-time record profits this year, and no end to high prices in sight, a $100 rebate check doesn't exactly fix the larger problem.
To be fair, Republicans considered more of a policy fix, and even wrote a new tax on the oil companies into their energy plan last week, which, according to the Times, "would have generated billions by changing the way businesses treat inventory." But business leaders objected, and the Republicans beat a hasty retreat this week. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist scrapped the plan pending further hearings to weigh "the pluses and minuses.?
But back to my hundred bucks. The real problem with the idea is not ideological. It's that $100 is too cheap.


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